Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Furthest Guests at The Claiborne House in Virginia

Each year here at The Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast when we have a full house bubbling over with excited race fans here for NASCAR weekend, I ask who has come the furthest to go to NASCAR at Martinsville?
Scary Future That Never Was (Future New World Order from 1941)photo © 2006 Purple Slog | more info (via: Wylio)

Oftentimes year-round our guests want to know where our other guests come from? It is a mystery to them, they are intrigued by this.  As I told a wonderful repeat guest yesterday, there is no rhyme or reason that people are here at the same time. Many times we will be full midweek and each guest is here for a different reason. (We know their reasons and I will post on another article a nice tidy and totally interesting list for you.)

2011 is our eighth year in business as the owners and innkeepers here at The Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast (21st year as a BnB in this circa 1895 Queen Anne.)  Wintertime we are doing renovations, repairs and maintenance.  In this slower season we often reflect on the past guests who have innhanced our bed and breakfast by staying with us.
  • Last year we had our first ever couple from Russia.  Yes, Moscow Russia.  It was a short stay, but we thoroughly innjoyed having them!
  • We also had a young couple from Sydney Australia (of course we lived in Sydney and were married in New South Wales Australia 22 years ago this month!)
  • Another visiting DC and swinging south to travel The Blue Ridge Parkway from near Auckland New Zealand (this was exciting as Tony was born in Howick New Zealand, and this chap was living just a few minutes from Tony's birthplace!)
As I mentioned to our lovely guest, this is what innkeeping is about.  Sure it is a business, and with that are all the marketing, maintenance, business operations, but the guests are what make it innjoyable for us personally! If an innkeeper does not relish the guests, then the rest is gravy.
Guests from Little Rock Arkansas and Somerset England

We hope to meet you this year in Franklin County Virginia, Blue Ridge Country.  Wherever you live or hail from, please come and see us and we will lavish some old timey southern hospitality upon you!  You never know who will be joining you for breakfast...yes we have also had famous guests, most of which will remain anon. I may be able to share "those stories" with you in person.

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  1. Our guest that came from the farthest away was Seoul, Korea or Botswana, Africa....depending on how you look at it probably. May you have many more wonderful guests this year from all points of the globe!


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