Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hungry for a road trip?

Please innjoy these regional foods when you hit the road for your next Americana Road Trip.  Get off the interstate and see what small town America has to offer!  Click the links below for more innformation on location, rates and availability at these wonderful Bed and Breakfast Inns from Louisiana to Maine.  We hope to see you soon!

Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast
Rocky Mount, Virginia 
EAT A DAWG – It’s a NASCAR Tradition

Martinsville Hotdogs - Claiborne House B&B
Strawberries and cream at Wimbledon? A mint julep at the Kentucky Derby?  You can't call yourself a true NASCAR fan until you have bravely downed a Martinsville Speedway hot dog in Virginia.   The hot dog, a trademark at the half-mile paperclip track since who-knows-when, is one thing you don't mess with at a track known for heated tempers and bent sheet metal.   It's still a dog like no other, packed with cheese, onion, coleslaw and chili on a bun that melts in your mouth. The cholesterol-crammed delicacy is legendary at NASCAR's oldest track, a food tradition that has filled the stomachs of fans, drivers and crew members for more than 60 years.  "Yeah, I eat about three or four a day," Dale Earnhardt Jr. said when asked about how he dines on a Martinsville race weekend.

White Cedar Inn Bed & Breakfast
Freeport, Maine

Blueberry pancakes - White Cedar Inn
BLUEBERRIES -  Wild and Sweet  

Local Maine low bush blueberries are a world apart from the big, sweet blueberries found in many other locations. These  blueberries hit your taste buds like a freight train and the flavor just keeps coming. Sweet & tart, they are great right from the bush, in muffins, vodka and even blueberry juice! We pack them into pancakes for the perfect start to your day.  

McDowell-Nearing House
Muncie, Indiana

PIZZA KING -  Hoosier Style 

Pizza King Hoosier Style - McDowell-Nearing House
When expatriate Munsonians congregate to discuss what the regional food for Muncie should be, opinion divides fairly evenly between the pork tenderloin sandwich and Pizza King pizza.  My personal favorite would be Pizza King because it originated in Muncie over 50 years go.  Because Indiana is not home to many Italians, the pizza takes on many unique Hoosier characteristics.  The pizzas are cut into manageable 2 inch squares.  Growing up eating Pizza King pizzas makes it very difficult to figure out how to eat the traditional 5 inch wedge when first encountering it.  Also, the pepperoni used in PK's pizzas is not sliced, but ground up to the consistency of ground beef, so it was also shocking to encounter pepperoni in its natural state!  The local company now freezes and ships these pizzas nationwide by priority overnight delivery in specially designed insulated boxes at great expense for their die hard admirers.  The restaurant franchise's motto is "Good to the Very Edge."

Woodridge Bed and Breakfast of Louisiana
Slidell/Pearl River, Louisiana

CRAWFISH - Jambalaya, a-crawfish pie and-a file’ gumbo/ 'cause tonight, I'm gonna meet, ma cher amio
Crawfish - Woodridge B&B of Louisiana

Known in other areas as Crayfish and Crawdads and considered more of a nuisance than a meal; those native to South Louisiana refer to them as Crawfish and have been eating these freshwater crustaceans for generations.  The favorite use of these succulent critters is our famous Crawfish boils, boiled along with corn, potatoes, mushrooms, onions and don’t forget the Zaterain’s Seasoning to spice it up!  But just like the shrimp list in Bubba Gump, the list for Crawfish is endless.  Some of the areas favorite dishes, which honor this bite of heaven, include Etouffee, Bisque and File`Gumbo.  My favorite brunch dish is Jalapeno Grit Cakes with Crawfish and Sausage.

Brewster House Bed & Breakfast
Freeport, Maine
Whoopie Pies - Brewster House B&B

Whoopie pies are a true Maine delicacy.  Most people think of lobster, maybe even clams or shrimp, when they think of Maine, but some think of the Whoopie pie.  Until you've tried one, you may think the idea of a cream (or marshmallow cream, or whatever) frosting between two moist cookies (or cakes, if you prefer) to be something other than delicious.  But give it a try anyway.  They're not only light and sweet, but delightful!  They often come in different flavors.  The traditional Whoopie pie has chocolate cookies and a marshmallow or vanilla center. Variations include vanilla cookies, maple cookies, pumpkin cookies, and others, as well as flavored frosting inside, such as maple, chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter or mint.

Gillum House Bed and Breakfast
Shinnston, West Virginia

Pepperoni Rolls - Gillum House B&B
PEPPERONI ROLLS – Ala West Virginia eh Giuseppe?

In the early days of mining, coal miners were paid by the ton. To take an hour to eat could cost a miner a few tons of coal for is pay envelope. The Country Club Bakery in Fairmont, West Virginia (a short 10 mile direct ride from Gillum House Bed & Breakfast in Shinnston, West Virginia) is credited with creating a food to nourish the miner that would not keep him from mining coal as he ate. They created the pepperoni roll - a bread roll wrapped around sticks of pepperoni and baked - that could be held in one hand as the miner used his pick with the other. Some bakeries use pepperoni slices today, but that is not a true pepperoni roll. The Country Club Bakery is in operation to this day, making their signature pepperoni rolls.

The Grey Swan Inn Bed and Breakfast
Blackstone, Virginia
Brunswick Stew - Grey Swan Inn B&B
BRUNSWICK STEW – Original Virginia Fare

Brunswick Stew is the pride of Brunswick County, Virginia and is only 26 miles from Blackstone, Virginia.  The stew is made from chicken and vegetables - primarily potatoes, corn and lima beans and then it is cooked for a long time to blend the flavors. Stew masters are sought for many fundraisers in the area and a Brunswick stew cook-off is popular fall event in Alberta, Virginia.   There is even an historical marker in Brunswick County commemorating Brunswick stew.

Thomas Shepherd Inn
Shepherdstown, West Virginia

Apple Soup - Thomas Shepherd Inn
APPLES – A Sure Sign That Fall is Just Around the Corner
Situated 75 miles from Washington, D.C., Shepherdstown is surrounded by fruit orchards and family-run farms, and honors its roots in agriculture.  Guests can visit the local, Sunday farmers market if they choose, and take some of these delicious items home for themselves.  Served when the weather begins to cool, Farmstand Apple Soup, the Inn's own recipe, pays tribute to the agricultural heritage of our area—where Queen Pomona still resides over the Apple Harvest Festival and the volunteer fire department stirs huge vats of apple butter to raise funds.  

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