Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Maine Lighthouses

pemaquid point lighthouse
Pemaquid Point Lighthouse- on Maine's State quarter
For more information on Pemaquid Point lighthouse, click here.

Maine is famous for the range of lighthouses that span the length of its 3500 miles of coastline. (Yup, we have more coastline than FL!) Coastline is measured into the bays and inlets, not just a rough 'point A to point B' measurement. It's in these bays and inlets that you'll find the best in lobster dining, boating, fishing, swimming and lodging!

Portland Head Light is the oldest lighthouse in Maine. It was commissioned by George Washington in 1791. Seguin Light is the second oldest, built in 1795. This light is visible from Popham Beach. The West Quoddy Lighthouse is located on the easternmost point in the continental US. (The East Quoddy Lighthouse is located, oddly enough, on the western shore of New Brunswick, Canada.)

Starting in southern Maine and heading north to Canada along Rt 1, you can view over 60 lighthouses, many of them in small parks with picnic areas. Other of Maine's lighthouses stand guard at the mouth of major rivers and are visible only by boat or by air.

owls head lighthouse
Owl's Head Lighthouse- you pass the keeper's house on your way to the light
For more information on Maine Lighthouse Day, click here.

Many seasonal boat tours are available up and down the coast. One of our favorites is the Lucky Catch Lobster Tour in Portland which not only takes you on a tour of Casco Bay lighthouses but also shows you how to haul lobster traps! (90 minutes, $25/person-2010 rates)

You can pick up a tour guide to all things lighthouse (Discovering Maine's Lighthouses and Harbors) at any of the state tourism centers (Kittery, Yarmouth & Houlton being the ones nearest Rt 1 & the coast.) We also keep plenty on hand here and can give directions to the lighthouses in the area as well as great places to eat!

rockland breakwater lighthouse
Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse (7/10 of a mile from the shore- great walk!)
For more info on the Rockland Breakwater lighthouse click here.


  1. I love those images of Maine lighthouses, there is something mysterious about them that really is attractive, plus being the strong beacons standing out there on their own. Really is a great analogy for our own lives at times!

  2. We've gone to as many as we can get to by car. But there are so many more up north that we haven't seen yet!


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