Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pets at The Inn

Many people do not realize that Innkeepers are families who have their own pets, often unseen to guest eyes.  We often share them on our websites for those who do not like animals, or are allergic, and those who love animals naturally gravitate toward them!  B&B pets are well behaved, well trained and lovable creatures, they are living in the owners quarters and you may come across them on the grounds of the inn.  Allow us to share a few beloved B&B Pets at B&B's you will innjoy.
Bre from White Cedar Inn, Freeport Maine

Pet's name: Bre
Nicknames: Bre-ster, Stinky Pup
Age: 12
White Cedar Inn 
Freeport, Maine
We knew we had found the right B&B location for us when, on a January scouting trip to look at B&B's in Maine, we stopped the car and let Bre out for her very first walk on the beach. She practically knocked me down when she jumped from the car and ran, slipping and sliding, down the stairs at Long Sands in York and cavorting happily, looked back at us as if to say, 'Thank you so much! THIS is what I've been waiting for!'  

Junie at The Claiborne House, Rocky Mount VA
Pet's name: Junie B Jones
Nicknames: Jubes, JBJ, June-Bug
Age: 5
Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast
Rocky Mount, Virginia
Junie B Jones, assistant innkeeper at The Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast.   She has considered having surgery to obtain opposable thumbs so she can help guests with their luggage, or in the least help clear plates from breakfast, and also wash them. She gets paid the big kibbles to keep stray cats off the porch and squirrels (or as she calls them "Squibbles") away from the bird feeders. She is more than happy to take you for a walk around town, warning that it is very hilly and a lot of good exercise!

Ozzy and Abbott at Magnolia Hill Bed and Breakfast, Helena AR
Pet's name: Ozzy (grey) and Abbot (ginger)
Age: Ozzy 6, Abbott (kitten)
Magnolia Hill Bed and Breakfast
Helena, AR 72342
Ozzy traveled with us to Helena Arkansas when we accepted the position of Innkeepers at Magnolia Hill Bed and Breakfast! He was such a good passenger with all our stuff in our PT Cruiser in May driving from West Virginia, we even found a hotel that accepted pets-which helped immensley for Ozzy.  Ozzy was lonely in a new place so in October we got Abbott which was a Humane Society kitty-we fell in love with the orange long haired and brought him to Ozzy. They are best of friends and love play together although sometimes Abbott gets a little too rembuctious for the 'ol geezer although Ozzy is quite patient he makes sure that Jr. knows who is boss. We sometimes take them to the screened in porch and let them get fresh air and look at the birdies-they are strictly indoor kitties and only in our area, sometimes guests ask and we bring Ozzy out-he loves people.
Ishja and Lester at van Bommelhoeve Inn
Pet's name:  Ishja Yellow Labrador, Lester Black Labrador
Age:  Ishja (1) Lester (10)
van Bommelhoeve Inn
Vlagtwedde, The Netherlands
We thought that Innkeeping was at least a year away, so we figured that we would have plenty of time to get and train a pup. Alas, fate made us buy the Inn of choice a month after our new pup arrived...Ishja (young , energetic and very, very enthusiastic) reminds us every day that life is all joy and that she has plenty of time, and so should we. When we finally get to Innkeeping she keeps Lester (well behaved and serious) young and drives him crazy by jumping and somersaulting around him. Warning - Ishja is undergoing intensive training to become a well behaved innkeepers dog but her education is in progress and far from complete. If you meet Ishja during a walk do not encourage her in anyway unless you are prepared to get down and party.

We innvite you to visit these inns where the kettle is always on!

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