Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cutesy Overload?

Nothin' wrong with cutesy
What did a doily ever do to you? I ask ya.

Geez louise, I just read that offensive term in an article in the Sydney Morning Herald "the town of Cambridge is in effect a Boston suburb and has a few good guesthouse options. These include Cambridge Bed and Muffin (267 Putnam Avenue, 576 3166, bedandmuffin.com), which offers rooms with shared bathrooms priced from $US75 — prepare for cutesy overload, though."

I applaud this B&M (Bed and Muffin) for being honest. They show real photos of real rooms for real people, so they are not the ritz, they don't claim to be! Some of us smaller B&B's provide comfortable, casual and affordable accommodation to the average joe or jane. I think the snobs who write the travel reviews are a bit harsh on the mom and pops like me who just wanna run a nice, clean, friendly establishment.

Don't hate me because I am beautiful
So if you want to find a soft place to lay your head at night, consider a homespun lodging choice, we don't bite! (From everything I have read it is the big ritzy hotel chains that do!)  Yes, some of us still have a few shared baths, some of us like to recycle and not thumb our noses at the environment with huge jacuzzi tubs that waste the water of a community swimming pool.

Some of us even get up at the crack of dawn and fix you a homecooked meal of bacon and eggs like Mama used to make. Remember when Mama used to cook?

We'll treat you right, everybody deserves a little personal attention once in a while, hugs are no extra charge! Golly, we will even toss in a few home baked goodies into the mix, like blueberry or double chocolate muffins, yeah we cutesy inns like to bake.

So on that note I will end by embracing that quote from the article and say "PREPARE FOR CUTESY OVERLOAD!"

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