Monday, July 16, 2012

Innkeepers' Dirty Little Secret!

Life stinks, sorry but sometimes it just does
Product Review Magic-Zymes
Making up rooms at The Claiborne House B&B is made easier with Magic Zymes
We use this product at The Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast in Virginia

Guaranteed to work, not mask!
The Problem
Now in my eighth ninth year as an innkeeper, a people business, the first 7 years I battled guest smells. Yes, there it is this Innkeepers Dirty Little Secret...but let's face it y'all, some people stink.   I mean, we have smokers, we have the heavily perfumed, the natural-earthy crowd who don't deodorize, and heck even bacon can vaporize and get into your hair and clothes. (Not that we don't love bacon, don't get me wrong!)

So what do we do? We do what everyone does, try everything under the sun to remove odors. All those "guaranteed" all natural products that mask the smell with a worse smell!  You know what I am talkin' about, you have tried some of the same products and they choke you! Bring on asthma attacks, toxic episodes of hives... In my cleaning cupboard upstairs I even have candles that are odor eliminators that I have had to burn before new guests check in.  I assure you I have tried it all!

To answer your question, in this 115+ year old house: Yes, we thoroughly wash the linens, but for those who smoke in their vehicles especially or atomize their strong pungent perfumes, well our guest rooms can be inn-undated with that residual odor.  The curtains, the Persian rugs on the floor, it is in everything everywhere.  

So the dilemma is this:  A smoker checks out, and YOU the new guest checks in, little do you know a smoker just spent the last three days in your room.  You are not expecting a stinky room, you are expecting fresh clean and lovely, flowers on the nightstand, brilliant morning light shining through the windows and the one you love in a warm embrace. (I am trying to paint the picture we want you to envision as the perfect B&B stay.)

The Solution
Magic-Zymes™ Eliminates All Odors - Permanently
I was sent a sample from this company, and immediately had an opportunity to test it out.  A dead mouse under my sink!  The decaying process had jump-started and lucky me, was the one who had to bend down and stuff my head into the back of cabinet under the sink to retrieve the thing.  Sure I could move everything out and try to grab it with a broom spreading the stench around...but I remembered the sample of Magic-Zymes and spritzed the area a few times and voila the nauseating stink was gone, I reached in with rubber gloves and removed the dead mouse.  (I hear roars of background applause at this point.)

This is a real life testimonial from me a real life innkeeper. Speaking with the owners of Magic-Zymes they told me that is the problem, people have tried so many different products, they are just tired of masking smells. So to prove their product is trustworthy and effective they will send you out a sample to try for yourself! I encourage you to give it a shot, you will confirm what I say, no replacement smell, odors are eliminated.

Larry and Sally told me they had never even considered B&B's as this product has been used primarily by cat breeders, and animal control. (Again, I  guess we hide our dirty little secret well at B&B's!)

We are proud to present our line of Magic-Zymes all natural odor removers.   Fast acting, highly effective, and 100% safe to humans, pets and the environment, Magic-Zymes is the only odor remover you'll ever need.

  • Solves all your odor problems
  • Fast-acting, highly effective
  • Permanent removal of all odors
  • No masking or cover up
  • All-natural, non-toxic, bio-degradable
  • Safe for people, animals and the environment
  • Safe for all fabrics - no stains or residues
  • Only pennies per application
  • Double Your Money Back Guarantee
Free Ground Shipping on All Orders of $10.00 or More (continental USA).

For skunk odors and heavy pet odors we recommend Magic-Zymes SKUNK, an extra strength, special formulation of Magic-Zymes.

Contact them via their website: or give them a call at (866) 478-2368 and tell them Innkeeper Shellie referred you!  

To keep your boat and RV smelling clean, use Magic-Zymes Marine & RV. This odor remover is formulated to get rid of odors such as bilge and holding tanks odors. 

Article by Innkeeper Shellie at The Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast in Rocky Mount Virginia - oneheckuva fresh smelling inn in these Blue Ridge Mountains!

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