Friday, February 4, 2011

North Came South

"Walk in the door as strangers - but leave as friends" 

The Gillum House Bed & Breakfast welcomed new friends Thursday, February 3, 2011 as the innkeepers of Tucked Inn the Harbour Bed & Breakfast in Victoria Harbour, Ontario, Canada stopped in for the night on the way to visit old friends wending their way south for a cruise. We were in for a wonderful evening of conversation.

With a couple who identify themselves on their web site as "your Functional or Dysfunctional hosts would like to welcome you", there is no way you are going to have a dull evening!

Since it was Thursday (spaghetti night at Jimmy's Diner) we had to take them to Jimmy's Diner. We tell everyone Jimmy's is the restaurant version of CHEERS. We told Harry about Jimmy's signature sandwich - the Rosi. It is a sandwich of Jimmy's homemade hot sausage served with cheese, onions, and peppers - sweet, mild, or HOT. If served on a dinner plate, one cannot see the plate for the bun! Harry decided to have the large Rosi with HOT peppers. (We told Harry the men of Shinnston compete with each other as to who cans the best peppers!) Few are able to finish off a large Rosi. (Don't tell anyone, Carol had to help Harry finish his Rosi.) The rest of our group had the all you care to eat spaghetti. Carol was surprised when our waiter, Josh, asked if she wanted more spaghetti before she asked. The portions are so large none of us could even consider refills.
Chapel of Perpetual Adoration

During dinner in telling them about Shinnston, I told them about our Chapel of Perpetual Adoration. With a population of about 2500, Shinnston has the only 24/7 Chapel in West Virginia. On the way back to the Gillum House, we stopped at the Chapel as they had never visited a Chapel of Perpetual Adoration. It is open 24/7 for anyone who wishes to pray, meditate, or just sit for a while in total peace. Keeping the vigil, we told Harry and Carol, are Catholics from all over the area, and also Methodists, Baptists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, and others of many Faiths.

Returning to the Gillum House, our Canadian friends presented us with a gift from Northern Canada. The Inuit of Northern Canada build Inuksuk, stone structures that are a complex and vital form of communication. Inuksuk represent strength, leadership and motivation.
Innkeepers from Tucked Inn the Harbor, Ontario
Friday morning Carol and Harry enjoyed the most popular breakfast at Gillum House Bed & Breakfast - an entree of sour cream and chives with 3 cheeses egg bake served with low-sodium bacon and Kathleen's English muffin bread hot from the oven. This was accompanied by peach muffins, a compote of seedless watermelon, papaya, kiwi, and mango with vanilla yogurt on the side, orange juice and bluebery/pomegranate juice, and fresh-roasted coffee from Ethiopia for Harry and Sicilian Sunset tea for Carol. Harry had said he liked a "bold" coffee so he was presented with a roast of Sumatra coffee beans to take on his trip.

We hope to see Carol and Harry again - either in West Virginia or in Victoria Harbour. We parted as new-found friends who will one day be "old friends". That is how it is when experiencing a bed & breakfast. Oftentimes guests will walk in the door as strangers - but leave as friends.

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