Sunday, February 6, 2011

Not Much Longer to Wait! Next Year is HERE!!!

The Gillum House Bed & Breakfast is a divided house. Several years ago to celebrate a wedding anniversary my husband went to a CUBS game and I went to a Pirates game. Fortunately it was in the same ballpark that day. For that particular game we went to the second Pirates ballpark I had the pleasure to visit. I saw one game in Forbes Field just before it was torn down and Three Rivers Stadium was built. have many memories of taking the paddlewheeler Gateway Clipper from the Wharf (now from Station Square) across the river to Three Rivers Stadium. Now it takes you to PNC Park.

Pitchers and catchers will be reporting to Arizona to CUBS Spring Training on Feb. 14 and to Florida for the Pirates on Feb. 13. Let the season begin! The mantra for my poor CUBS Fans has been "Wait 'til next year!" for as long as I can remember. They did come close a few times - but have not won a World Series since 1945.

Spring every other year brings the CUBS to Pittsburgh for an early series (2001 the first meeting is in Chicago). Pittsburgh, PA is a short 2 hour drive up the Interstate (I-79 North) from Shinnston, West Virginia. We left mid-morning so we could visit the Andy Warhol Museum before going to a night game. The museum is just a couple blocks from PNC Park.
Skyline at night!
Fun for everyone
Mrs. T's Pierogies also entertain the fans
And yes, there really is a baseball game played at PNC Park. In fact, it is THE least expensive ballpark to go to. Since the man of this house goes to ballparks in a safe way (meaning he will not fall on the brick sidewalk), he goes in a wheelchair and where are our seats? at field level. Beautiful seats! And parking costs? We park across the street from the ballpark - $20 - which we thought was outrageous but our Chicago daughter laughed and would not even tell us how much it cost to park at Wrigley Field IF you can FIND a place to park.

Pittsburgh is a lovely city to visit and you can do it easlily as a side trip while visiting West Virginia and staying at the Gillum House. Come to the Gillum House Bed & Breakfast and add a great baseball game to your visit of covered bridges of West Virginia, Lambert's Winery, and all the other great things to see and do nearby.

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