Friday, February 4, 2011


by Tina Czarnota

Many times and once again, I've been asked, "Why do you write murder mystery novels at bed & breakfast inns?"  

I love this question for it gives me good reason to flit through the corridors of my mind and revist my age old query:  "Why didya do it?"

As a kid, I loved being spooked by the famous ghouls of vintage, mystery movies.  Black & white images made more scary with filmming techniques used by old-time Hollywood.

So, it only made sense that when I learned to read, I mean really read, that I would graduate from Dick and Jane to Nancy Drew and later, Agatha Christie, Conan Doyle and more.

Then there are the estates.  Those magnificent homes, those quaint, properties -- which many B&B Inns inhabit that have been lovingly restored to their former grandeur and charm. And, because they are usually old, these structures have a mysterious, romantic feel that new dwellings just don't possess.  Therefore, there's the allure for speculation and mystery, of how life may have been for the former tenants of these estates.  Great backdrops for my mysteries most cozy.

Another love of mine is laughter, comedy...which finds its way into my mysteries most mischievous by way of quirky yet believable characters.  They add just enough to soften any rough edges of malice.

So with my love of scary movies, reading whodunits, spooky yet gracious old estates, sensible comedy...well, it was only natural.  Natural that I would write murder mystery novels at take place at my imaginary Bed & Breakfast Inn.

Tina Czarnota is an inn-thusiast and sponsor of Country Inn, Bed & Breakfast Day.  Tina hopes to have her novel based screenplays produced and made into films, thus giving the bed & breakfast hospitality industry a bigger spot on the map.  She can be reached through her website: 

Luv PG-13 comedie-whodunits? DEADWAITER wants to be a movie

Tina is our first guest blogger at Innteractive Inns. If you would like to participate as a guest blogger and have something to share pertinent to the bed and breakfast industry, please let us know. email: innkeeperva AT gmail DOT.COM (change formatting when emailing)


  1. Thanks for being our first guest blogger. It is so interesting to see all the different people and things associated with bed and breakfasts, we are happy people love them and are innspired by them! Can't wait to see your story in movie format!

  2. Well said and well done! All the best to you, Tina!

  3. Thank you Shellie, Claiborne House, Innteractive, B&B Inn fans and mystery lovers for having me along. Now doncha think there should be more whodunit mystery movies mades?!

  4. Loved the first book am buying the electronic version of the second this week. Ever thought of attending the Harrogate Crime Festival? They have crime writers from all over the world!

  5. Hi Camberley,
    Aww, thanks for your sweet comment. It made my day! I'm glad you liked Country Inn, Dead & Breakfast and that you've plans to read Deadwaiter. Let me know how your download goes. Though I haven't heard any complaints, I still want to know that your experience is user friendly. Let me know if I can help.
    Harrogate Crime Fest sounds right up my darkened alley. I'll have to look into it.
    Thanks again and Happy Valentine's Day to you and your fans!


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