Sunday, March 20, 2011

In the Doldrums?

Did you know that the Doldrums is not just descriptive of a mood but is actually a place?  Have you ever been there?
In the Doldrums

Intertropical Convergence Zone:  In the seamen's speech the zone is referred as the doldrums because of its erratic weather patterns with stagnant calms and violent thunderstorms.

a part of the ocean near the equator abounding in calms, squalls, and light shifting winds

But did you know this?
A region of the globe found over the oceans near the equator in the intertropical convergence zone and having weather characterized variously by calm air, light winds, or squalls and thunderstorms. Hurricanes originate in this region.

Yes that's right, hurricanes originate in the doldrums!

In 1824, Lord Byron used the phrase in a nautical context in the verse tale The Island:
"From the bluff head where I watch'd to-day, I saw her in the doldrums; for the wind Was light and baffling."

[Note: baffling winds are those which are shifting and variable, making progress under sail impossible.]

So let me ask you, have lost the wind in your sail? Is there anything to start those hurricane force winds again? Is it time to have some fun again?
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Here is my suggestion  
How about a special getaway to a beautiful bed and breakfast in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia?  Well I have just the place! This historic home has a 130 foot wrap around porch, lovely gardens with three ponds and a central location for you to set sail!  Want some color back in your life? See the B&B photogallery here.

The Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast is 15 miles to three exits of The Blue Ridge Parkway. What does this mean? This means you snuggle up in a soft comfortable bed, awake to delicious home-cooked breakfasts and then head out to walk or hike The Blue Ridge Parkway, taking advantage of early Spring to see all the wild flowers burst forth in color. Wildflowers on The Parkway are magnificent!

What else is there to do nearby? Here is a sample to get you started - BON VOYAGE!
Visit our website to learn more about The Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast, we are located 19 miles South of Roanoke VA and 30 minutes South of Interstate 81 exit, so we are the halfway point of the MidAtlantic.  Just 250 miles from DC and 250 from Norfolk VA!

Save $10 by booking online today. We look forward to serving you here in Blue Ridge country Virginia. COME SAIL AWAY!

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