Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Your Michigan Innkeepers ask you "Is it Myth? Or is it One of the Beauties of a Bed and Breakfast Inn?"

YOUR MICHIGAN LAKE TO LAKE BED AND BREAKFAST ASSOCIATION IS AT IT AGAIN! They want to debunk the myths on breakfasts at B&B's! You know THE SECOND B!

This week, we’re tackling the “myth” that if you stay at a B&B, you have to have breakfast with strangers and eat whatever the innkeeper puts in front of you.  But we have a little problem with busting this one. These “objections” are not total myths; they are, in fact, traditions that are celebrated in the world of B&Bs.
Breakfast at Serendipity Bed and Breakfast Inn“I don’t think this perception should be treated as a ‘myth’ at all,” maintains Elizabeth DeWaard, innkeeper at The Inn at Old Orchard Road in Holland. “In fact, to me it speaks to the very essence of the Bed and Breakfast concept. The most decadent of main dish recipes and pastries have always brought sounds of delight from my guests.”
“My guests tell me what they love most about B&Bs are the breakfasts and the interesting table conversations.  I am very concerned to think we could be swallowed up by the motel/hotel mentality and all end up being the same.”

Breakfast at Serendipity puts meaning behind "yummy."
At Serendipity B&B in nearby Saugatuck, Innkeeper David Langley explains that guests are always asked if they have any dietary restrictions or preferences at the time the reservation is made.
“We take these into account when we plan our menu. Because of this and because we are really good cooks, our guests always leave us positive comments about the yumminess of our breakfast….. comments like, “Triple ten for the breakfast. Yummy!” Or “Look forward to the delicious breakfast each morning. They never disappoint!”"
What do you say? Is Breakfast an integral part of the B&B stay? Is an elegant breakfast, prepared and cooked with heart important to you? 
What is your favorite B&B breakfast? Spicy? Savory? Sweet?
We love to hear triumphant stories of Inns who serve delectable fare...please feel free to share your favorite inn in our comments section.
Remember y'all Bed and Breakfasts are "A BETTER WAY TO STAY!"

Article shared by Shellie your innkeeper at The Claiborne House B&B in Rocky Mount, Virginia

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