Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chicken and Waffles itswhatsforbreakfast

"This Ain't Your Momma's Chicken!"

Agness your maverick unorthodox innkeeper tries something outside the box.

With great interest I decided to look into this "Chicken and Waffles" fad. I saw an ad on TV and made some brief enquiries to discover that the Chicken and Waffles breakfast idea is not a new fad in the least, it has been popular for years and years, itswhatsforbreakfast!

Apparently, to my dismay, I have been told I am not popular or hang with the "in" crowd or I would have heard of this dish sooner. Admittedly, I am not southern, and this seems to be an African American southern treat, typically eaten on special occasions. Don't all great fried foods originate in the South?
I began my inquisition only to discover that 1) if I served Chicken and Waffles some guests would try it, probably out of either politeness or hunger, or 2) some guests would not try it.

I figured I had a 50/50 chance of making my Chicken and Waffles a success. But that still didn't stop me from being as scared as sinner in a cyclone!
Tupelo Chicken Waffles

Unlike some of the other innkeepers I know, I do not own a digital camera, so I can only share what listen up Kittens as the plot thickens, hold onto your keyboards.

I discovered Lo Lo's Chicken and Waffles online based in Phoenix where the slogan is "This Ain't Your Momma's Chicken!" Lo Lo's was popular with Mohammad Ali, Charles Barclay and other celebrities. Gladys Knight even opened her own chain of Chicken and Waffle restaurants out of Atlanta Georgia. So from there I began my experiment, apparently Chicken and Waffles is Soul Food and I got soul! I went for a taste test
myself, and I think I like them, I can see this as a breakfast food. The waffles absorb the grease from the chicken and the chicken gives the waffles a zesty salty flavor, and then sweetness back to the chicken. A good combination overall, especially if you got soul!

I had a full house, which means at my establishment a total of 8 people. I did not warn them in advance, this was going to be a test, I just cooked it up and served it hot! I suppose you would like to know the demographics for this tale, but that is not important, not really. What is important is did my guests try it and did they like it?

Here are the results:
Room #1 Young couple, delightfully surprised, tried it and ate every bite
Room #2 Young couple, hesitant, but gave it a try and liked it, said they would have it again
Room #3 Middle aged-couple, he wanted to eat it, she took his fork away
Room #4 Middle aged-couple, apparently she was vegetarian and had neglected to tell me in advance. I told her to just scrape the chicken off the waffles and pour the syrup over them.

Conclusion, since all good tests need a conclusion here is mine:
The younger guests were more willing to try something new. They thought they were great and something they would enjoy after a night out
clubbing. The older (middle aged) guests were done with their clubbing days and had to watch their cholesterol, and I don't mean rise!

So Kittens, overall my experiment was a success. My 50/50 odds were exactly that in the end, 50/50. You can't win them all and as thos
e southerners say I will say:
"Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit!"

*Coming soon to InnteractiveInns will be my expose on SPAM. No not the type you get online that seems to spread like biological chemical warfare, but the kind that comes in a can and is consumed in large amounts in our very own island state of Hawaii...stay tuned Kittens.

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