Monday, April 4, 2011

FAN-tastic Guests here at The Claiborne House in Virginia!

Variety is the spice of this innkeeper's life...
NASCAR at Martinsville Speedway is a crowd pleaser!

I am here to share some guests info with you from this weekend and clear up some misconceptions.  We had a full house of NASCAR FANS here for the Martinsville Speedway "paperclip."  The weather was gorgeous 75 degrees with blue skies and full sun, a few of our guests returned with a red GT stripe on their face and neck.

Why do I love NASCAR weekends? The guests, it's all about the guests!  

I have forever heard the stereotypical comments by other innkeepers "NASCAR FANS? I WOULD CLOSE THAT WEEKEND!"  They have no clue. Really they have no idea how wonderful our NASCAR guests are, so let's recap a few who were here this weekend:

Famous Wood Brothers are from here!
We had a couple from Ontario Canada who drove through white-out conditions in the NE for 12 hours to get to Virginia for this race. They plan their vacations around this "smallest oldest track" and most likely to "get tempers flaring" Martinsville Speedway.  From here they were venturing on down after the race to Florida to go to the famous Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction.  They cheered for Juan Pablo Montoya and their new favorite bad-boy Kyle Busch.

Next we have a couple who belong to the "Junior Nation" if you don't know what that is, then consider them thrilled as can be on Sunday when Dale Earnhardt Jr nearly won the race! They stay with us every Spring and love this race!  

We also had the Aussie here for his first ever NASCAR race and he commented, and I quote "I expected a bunch of Yobbos at the track."  Since I am married to an Aussie, here is my translation: pack of fools, drunken idiots or similar. He flew in from Singapore where he has been working for 4 months, to attend this race with his girlfriend, they drove down from Boston and arrived at midnight the night prior to the race. Of course he was hoping Marcos Ambrose the only Aussie in NASCAR would win, he came in 28th after hitting a wall, sorry mate!

A lovely couple who will be back in the Fall who root for Mark Martin and Tony Stewart

So what did we have, FAN-tastic guests who loved every minute of their stay. We can't wait for the next race, it is the last weekend in October and we have a couple rooms open right now if you are inn-terested. 

Gentlemen, start your reservations!
You can see our rooms here, you can book online here at any time from any place!  Be warned we have early breakfasts typically on NASCAR WEEKENDS as everyone is up and revving to go!  So if you want to stay here for a romantic getaway that weekend, the fun and laughter all over the inn might not be what you were after. These guests can then come back from the track and sit a spell on the porch and shoot the breeze.  This common interest makes this a really fun weekend to be an innkeeper!

Shellie your innkeeper at The Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast in Rocky Mount, Virginia - NASCAR COUNTRY.  As always, I like to add "This ain't your granny's house!" (meaning we are not old stodgy innkeepers)

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