Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Life in the Swamp (aka Swamp People)

ove watching the adventures of the Swamp People on the History Channel? There is nothing better than taking the next step and experiencing the swamp for yourself. One of this year's swamp people is Terral Evans, who lives in an area of the Pearl River known as the Honey Island Swamp.
Terral uses his knowledge of this area along with his strength to catch alligators with his bare hands. Now I don't recommend anyone to do this and I close my eyes every time I see him take on another gator on the show, but he is not hunting them for the hide, he relocates aggressive gators to less populated areas.
Now to experience life on the swamp without worrying if you will be a gator's next meal, take a swamp tour. The Honey Island Swamp Tours located in Slidell, LA provide a safe and informational tour of the gator's home land (or swamp) as well as the many other creatures of the area including wild boar, deer, and many types of fowl including migratory species.
For the truly adventurous, bring your boat make a day of it, there are several boat landings along the river and there is some great fishing to be had too!

Article posted by Debbi, innkeeper Woodridge Bed and Breakfast of Louisiana - Slidell Pearl River just minutes from the Honey Island Swamp

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