Friday, July 22, 2011

Breaking News: DEADWAITER, is in process of becoming a feature film!

Author and screenwriter and fellow inn-thusiast, Tina Czarnota, reports that her comedy/mystery novel, DEADWAITER, is in process of becoming a feature film.
DEADWAITER, PG-13 mystery/comedy/romance

Casting and location scouting for DEADWAITER is underway in Palm Beach Co., FL. as the movie trailer gets set to film early August, 2011. Tina Czarnota has to date, self-financed her mystery/comedy series and is expecting to employ 150 actors and crew professionals on the production of DEADWAITER.

DEADWAITER, an independent project, has received backing and Ms. Czarnota shares they are seeking more sponsors to help make this film a reality. To support this effort, visit the Tina Czarnota website and scroll down to bottom of home page. Click button and donate $1 or more and let the mystery begin!

Synopsis of the film:
Still reeling from the murder at the grand opening of her new B & B, The Tudor Grove Inn, Katrina and the Versays are beset with yet another mystery. While making renovations, Katrina's beau, strapping Bruce Versay and his handyman, lean and lanky, Shorty, discover in the inn's sealed up dumbwaiter, a gruesome find indeed. Entombed for 30 plus years are the bodies of two human skeletons. Buried with them are the secrets of who, why and how they got there. Eventually, "Trina" learns of several other mysteries surrounding her -- like that of the middle aged, stoic yet lovely Alexandra who waits at the inn for her husband who never arrives; Katrina's golden couple pals: sexy, 50-something Rhiannon who meets a strange man late at night while museum director hubby, Randolph, seemingly unfazed, sleeps tight. And the dinner club chanteuse, Veronique, who has mysteriously relocated to the area, becomes extremely upset at the sight of the officiating Lieutenant Klonski. Throughout the story Katrina and partner-in-crime, lovable but irreverent, Kim, try to assist but often hinder Lt. Klonski in solving all these puzzles. Finally, a link from the past, some clumsy and some sure-footed detective work breaks open the old case which helps solve the mystery in the dumbwaiter and those surrounding it. 

Please pass this on! Tina would appreciate it, every little bit helps to get this on the big screen!

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  1. Thanks so much, Shellie, Claiborne House & Inn-teractive Inns. Appreciate the wonderful article you've created for us. That was sweet of you! One li'l dollar times bunches of B&B fans and we'll see U at the movies in no time. It's sure to give the Inn-dustry a bigger dot on the map!! Maybe we can have a screening at the Claiborne and more! Have a good one all!


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