Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Did U Know a Virginian Introduced French Fries to America?

The Pursuit of Happiness and French Fried Potatoes

Thomas Jefferson spent five years in France. From 1784 until 1789, Jefferson, at the request of the president, served as the Minister of France. Jefferson had succeeded Benjamin Franklin in the position. Jefferson thrived in the country. He loved the culture, people, and the cuisine of France. When he returned to America, he brought back a food called "potatoes fried in the French manner." The colonies fell in love with this food and are still consuming fries today.

Today, French fries account for more than one-fourth of all potatoes sold in the U.S. market—over six million pounds of potatoes are processed into frozen fries annually. Twenty-five percent of kids report eating French fries instead of other vegetables, and the average American eats thirty pounds of the greasy things in a year. The potato has come from being reviled to being revered, and is now the second most popular staple food in the world.

The rest is history...as they say, (and as your innkeeper likes to say "Everything is fried in the south including the sweet tea!" Just kidding, sorta.)

Two nearby Sites of Interest you may visit from The Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast (since we are perfect for day-tripping) are:
1.    Poplar Forest http://www.poplarforest.org/ (Jefferson’s personal retreat)
2.    Natural Bridge of Virginia http://www.naturalbridgeva.com/natural_bridge.php (once owned by Thomas Jefferson)

Learn more about Thomas Jefferson, writer of the Declaration of Independence and the third president of the United States click here and here

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