Thursday, September 1, 2011

Picky Boomers like B&B's

Big occasion? Inns ready to pamper you

When my husband and I are getting ready to mark a big wedding anniversary or birthday, I scout out places to celebrate. Once, I chose to rough it in a tiny tool shed of a cottage at a wildlife refuge for retired circus animals. That was a wild night, and not in a good way. (Lions moaned all night!)
We're more persnickety about accommodations now. We like 300 thread count sheets, fluffy pillows and Gilchrist & Soames shampoo. We wouldn't think of turning down turndown service.

Whether you're a picky baby boomer like me or a more accepting traveler, Florida has much to offer folks looking to celebrate a big anniversary.
"There's no question the Sunshine State has been a favorite destination of baby boomers celebrating anniversaries," says Will Seccombe, chief marketing officer for Visit Florida. Statistics from Visit Florida show that 34 percent of Florida travelers are boomers, 41 percent travel as a couple, and that last year 14.7 million Floridians vacationed in the state.
This is only a portion of the article from here.
"We like 300 thread count sheets, fluffy pillows and Gilchrist & Soames shampoo."

Agness here, and on my soapbox once again. If I wasn't I know I would let plenty of people down. First of all does this person realize that 300 thread count sheets are like "the cheap sheets" you buy for dorm rooms at wal mart? Even wal mart carries 600 thread count.
"A picky baby boomer like me?"
Yeah we get your type at our B&B. We have clearly posted the check in time is 3 p.m. and even say so in our letter of confirmation to you, 3 p.m. check in, and here you are, rapping on our front door, at 11 a.m. Yes I said 11 a.m. when our guests have not even checked out yet, they have not even warmed up their engines in our parking lots.
We get it, you are excited, or scared. Excited to go somewhere new, or scared you might hit rush hour traffic, or lord forbid be stuck driving after dark, but you see dear guests, the inn does not clean itself.
While I am busy preparing, cooking, serving, cleaning up breakfast, the guests are then preparing to leave and packing up and here you are rapping on my door. You wonder why we are not smiling, and happy to see you? Can you just use the restroom, and leave your bags then, so not to put us out? NO! YOU MAY NOT! You can get your backsides into your cars and leave and come back at check in time. When the inn will be sparkling and ready for you, as we already stated.
Now kittens don't get me wrong, we did invite you to stay with us, but do you know it takes an hour (sometimes more) to clean a guest room? Your guest room? The room you are eager to occupy. Thanks to "other" picky baby boomers, we have to clean thoroughly, those persnickety baby boomer men who think peeing with the seat down is okay. If you went into your guest room immediately after other "picky baby boomers" checked out you would choke on your Freedent!
"We wouldn't think of turning down turndown service"?
Well we can do a turn down service, if you will kindly wait to use the geriatric products such as ben-gay (patches, ointment, rubs and eau de cologne), this somehow ruins the mood, especially when it is mixed in with your Old Spice.
I mean we would like our inn to remain in the romantic realm, in your room the lights down low, the extra cover pillows put away in the closet, the sheets folded down, chocolates on night stands, a single red rose on the pillow, the soft fluffy his and hers robes carefully placed in a warm embrace on the bed, some soft jazz on the radio or tv...
But, are you really here for romance? Seriously, enlighten me, is this what this is all about? Isn't it about afternoon naps, after breakfast naps, after dinner naps? Isn't it about reading a nice book, looking out at a nice view or sitting on the porch? Holding hands is about your speed.
"There's no question the Sunshine State has been a favorite destination of baby boomers celebrating anniversaries,"
Now this is the fly in the ointment kittens. No question? Now don't get me wrong I am certain Miami has some fantastic beaches, with those g-string'd ultra tanned honeys strutting their stuff, the guys with their pec and calf implants, bronze tans and bright white snap on smiles but is this really what Florida is all about? I have heard for years it is the place of the newlywed and nearly dead. I am only bringing this up to prove a point, if you want to have a special celebration, maybe you should get out of Florida, go somewhere with character, you won't have to sleep in a wildlife refuge with roaring lions, there are many B&B's who cater more to your picky tastes and lifestyle, that of the persnickety baby boomer.
Yours always, trying to set the record straight,
Agness Innkeeper