Monday, January 16, 2012

35 Walnut Street, Shinnston, West Virginia is 100!! Come Help Us Celebrate!

First we need to know - there IS a State called WEST VIRGINIA. It has a birthday this year also - 149 years old on June 20. 35 Walnut Street is a whippersnapper by comparison.

Eve Douglass lived across the street when the current owners of the house at 35 Walnut Street moved in. She said her house was built in 1911 and the house at 35 Walnut Street, Shinnston, West Virginia was built in 1912. Evidence of this was found in the space under the stairs when it was converted from "wasted space" to storage area. A 1912 postcard and a newspaper were discovered there. Electricity did not come to Shinnston until 1913 so the light fixtures were both gas and electric as the builders wanted to be ready for the latest innovation. Evidence of this was found several years ago when the upstairs light fixtures were rewired - the electrician found a live gas line in the upstairs hall fixture. The plumber was called and the gas disconnected. (The house even had an indoor bahtroom! the original claw-foot tub is now located in the private bathroom in the Gillum Room.)

In 1996, current owners, John & Kathleen Panek, opened a bed & breakfast at 35 Walnut Street and called it the Gillum House Bed & Breakfast in honor of the family that owned the house from 1918 to into the 1970s. Troy Gillum was the B & O Station Agent in Shinnston, coming as assistant agent in 1911. In 1918 he and his wife Anna bought the house for $2906.25!! And in 1919 their youngest child, Paul, was born in what is now Rosi's Room.

Being 100 years old is something that deserves a celebration! So Gillum House Bed & Breakfast (Sweet Sixteen in 2012!) is celebrating the Centennial Birthday of the house with any reservation in 2012 of 3 or more nights, the 3rd night is $19.12 + tax!! Make reservations online or call 888-592-0177. Come help us celebrate.

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