Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Breakfast A to Z

A to Z guide to breakfast at White Cedar Inn~

A: Agave nectar, Apple turnovers, Apple pie pancakes;
B: Blueberry pancakes, Bread pudding, Bacon;
C: COFFEE!, Cranberries, Cantaloupe;

D: Donuts? No way!
E: Eggs, Eggs, Eggs;
F: French toast, Fruit, Fuji apples;
G: Granola, Goat cheese, Green peppers;
H: Hot chocolate, Honey, Hot sauce;
I: Ice cream (Yes, for breakfast!), Italian bread (for the French toast), Individual tables;
J: Juice, Jam, Jelly;
K: Kiwi, Ketchup (for those eggs), Kisses (the Hershey kind!);
L: Lemon-blueberry French toast, Lactaid, Lettuce (really);
M: Maine maple syrup, Mango, Melons;
N: No Pop Tarts here!
O: Orange juice, Onions, Oatmeal;
P: Peaches, Pears, Potatoes;
Q: Quiche, Quick breads, Quik (for the kids!);
R: Raspberries, Red peppers, Rock (the cook!);
S: Sausage, Strawberries, Salsa;
T: Tomatoes, Thyme, Toast;
U: Upside down cake, Ugli fruit, Umpteen cups of coffee;
V: Vegetarian- not a problem!
W: Watermelon, Waffles, Whipped cream;
X: eXcellent conversation;
Y: Yogurt, Yellow squash, Yams;
Z: zzzzzz- You don't want to sleep through this breakfast!

White Cedar Inn Bed and Breakfast 178 Main St Freeport, Maine 04032

I highly recommend this beautiful bed and breakfast in Freeport Maine, large grounds, spacious rooms and delicious breakfasts! Walk to the LLBEAN flagship store and some wonderful restaurants. Let the Innkeeper's gracious hospitality be the highlight of your visit to Freeport! 

Check their blog White Cedar Inn Today for fun side trips to add to your itinerary!