Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In the Words of 100


What's this WORDS of 100 about?
It's an unrivaled educational experience, and there is no need to step one foot away from your business to have it.

As an Innkeeper, you have a unique challenge that is hard to overcome. Getting away to an association meeting or other education/training session can be extremely difficult, especially during peak season, because you have to leave your B&B and potential guests to do it.

Let the WORDS of 100 instantly connect you to other B&B owners/innkeepers and learn about what they are doing to market and increase business.

This 105-page (PDF format) WORDS of 100 is packed with timely, valuable information from an in-depth survey that was conducted with 100 B&B Owners/Innkeepers from across the country. It is separated into three main sections of Insights, Ideas and Inspiration. Whether you are a veteran or aspiring innkeeper, you will no doubt feel what participants of the survey expressed about what it's like being in this profession today.

This is one purchase where you will absolutely be pleased with the value for the price (and maybe even a little shocked at how much is included). The WORDS of 100 is packed with business and marketing ideas from other B&B owners/innkeepers that you can use today!

Recommended by PAII
(Professional Association of Innkeepers International)

Jay Karen, President and CEO of the Professional Association of Innkeepers International stated, "This book can serve as a source of validation and comparison for veteran innkeepers. Plus, it would be just plain fun to hear what others innkeepers think about the very interesting job they have! This book is also a fantastic and unique resource for those thinking about owning a B&B one day. There is no better way to really understand the complexities of running a successful B&B without hearing the advice, complaints and stories of joy of experienced innkeepers, and this book shares all of that."
This book is perfect for veteran, new and aspiring innkeepers for different reasons.
  • Veteran innkeepers – you will hear insights, ideas and inspiration from others that can help you build your business, especially in today’s economy.
  • New innkeepers – you will not have to reinvent the wheel, and the path to your success can be faster and easier using the advice of those who have been there.
  • Aspiring innkeepers – you cannot find better information or advice that will help you understand the realities of running your own B&B/Inn. This is a must read book if you are considering this profession or, more accurately, this “calling.”

Click here to purchase the complete book for B&B Owners/Innkeepers for just $24.95.

"The author has stated that the data comes from 100 innkeepers across every state. I am intrigued by these findings. Many times innkeepers are isolated from others in their industry, as they are always working at the inn! So this is a very valuable resource for those considering opening an inn or those of us who are old hats and have been at it for a few years or more!" -Innkeeper at The Claiborne House B&B in Virginia


Tweed-Weber, Inc., a research consulting firm located in Reading, Pennsylvania, has developed a series of e-books entitled, In the WORDS OF 100. This e-book series is focused on targeted occupations, and in-depth interviews are conducted with 100 individuals currently working in those occupations. At the most basic level, we find out what people are thinking about, and develop e-books that clearly communicate trends, issues, concerns and opportunities in a way that offers an unrivaled connection with others in the same industry/position.
For the past 20 years, we have conducted thousands of interviews and surveys with community leaders, entrepreneurs, executive directors, CEOs, sales and marketing representatives, senior and middle managers, and front-line employees from service, manufacturing, hospitality, health care and human service organizations, both nationally and internationally (just to name a few!). Extensive surveys and interviews have been conducted within both nonprofit and for-profit environments.