Friday, October 19, 2012

Discover Woodridge Bed and Breakfast - Louisiana's Better Way to Stay

For many years of traveling we just chose a place to rest our heads, did not give it much thought - location and a chain name was about it.  Then we booked a B and B, our traveling style was changed for ever, and eventually so was our career.   B&B's are like a box of fine chocolates, each one with its own unique flavor. 
A Woodridge Welcome starts as you walk up our path.
Meander through our breathtaking gardens
Take in the morning bird song with a cuppa Joe or an evening wine with good company.

Restful Sleep in comfort.
Refresh with a REAL Breakfast, served to you with a smile.
Today's B&B's will quickly put to rest the myths of old.  No longer are they like staying at Grandma's in the spare room.  You should take pleasure in every aspect of your trip, not just the sites.  A Bed and Breakfast offers a full experience of the area.  Innkeepers take pride in what their region has to offer and will be happy to share ideas of what NOT to miss while visiting.   A word of warning, once you reach your B and B, some find it hard to break away, B&B's are habit forming. 

B&B's are a better way to stay, so while visiting Southeastern Louisiana, stay at Woodridge Bed and Breakfast - play hard, sleep well!