Thursday, January 17, 2013

B&B Blogging Rock Stars

Keep an eye on the sidebar of this blog, you will begin to see a series of blog articles by some of your favorite innkeepers on 101 Things to Do, or 100 things to do within 100 miles of the inn, and so on. Two of them below:
Sandlake Country Inn on the Oregon Coast
Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast in Virginia
While this is a time consuming project, this is another example of how:

Innkeeper innsight is worth its weight in gold! 

I hope you will follow these series and learn more about the innteresting and sometimes quirky off-the-beaten track  hings to do and see as day trips from these beautiful inns. 

As more B&B's get on-board and take on this challenge, I will try to update this space with their URL's.

Just added: Woodridge B&B in Slidell Louisiana "100+ Things to do."
Just added: White Cedar Inn in Freeport Maine "100 x 100"

The reason some inns have a larger area (100 mile radius of the inn) is that many of you are on road trips and love to get out and explore! If there is something historical or noteworthy to see and you were here, but didn't know about it, we would be upset you missed it!