Thursday, February 14, 2013

Maximum Occupancy - the book!

How Smart Innkeepers stay fully booked in every season

"Packed with examples of successful promotions used by real innkeepers, this book is a complete roadmap for achieving consistency and predictability of bookings." - Linda Griffin

Part One - Why Your Inn Isn't Booked Solid
Gives insights into why your inn may not be fully booked, the challenges of getting bookings in today's 'buyer in charge' environment, and how your mindset may be part of the problem.

Part Two - Innkeeper as Business Owner
Lays the foundation for solving the occupancy rate problem by showing you how smart innkeepers think and act.

Part Three - The Maximum Occupancy Equation
Learn how to attract guests who are a perfect fit and how to keep them coming back. See specific examples of winning promotions from real innkeepers.

"Trust me when I say this book is jam-packed with super useful innformation! You will want to read it cover to cover. I have as yet to see a book that is this comprehensive, and yet it is an easy to read compact book. You will learn many helpful tidbits for social media marketing and other ways to 'Put Heads in Beds in Every Season.'  

I recommend this book for those who are current innkeepers and struggling to get aboard the social media marketing train, which by the way, has only just left the station! Or those who wish to become innkeepers and need a kick start in the right direction." -Shellie the Innkeeper at The Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast of Virginia.

Get a copy of Maximum Occupancy by Linda G Griffin here. Or peruse this book and read a teaser here before you purchase. Visit the website here.

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Friday, February 8, 2013

USA Today survey - Travel improves Couples Sex lives

Travel makes the heart grow fonder - who knew?  Well ask any innkeeper!  Time to pack your bags and take a little trip!  Read the article here:   Survey SAYS -

Bed and Breakfasts are the BETTER way to STAY.  Plan a get-away soon and add a spark to your relationship. 

Debbi the Innkeeper
Woodridge B&B
Slidell, LA

Digging up the past in NE Louisiana

It is almost mid February and the long winter is almost behind us.  Have you started planning your next trip?  Why not combine a little history in with the fun.  Did you know that there is an ancient historical site in the US that dates back to the Egyptian Pyramids, before the Mayan Pyramids?  Nestled on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi just northwest of Jackson MS and northeast of Monroe LA is Poverty Point.   A vast 400 acre site, integrated complex of earthen monuments, constructed 3,100 – 3,700 years ago dating back to pre-Mayan civilization.

For more information see:

Poverty Point is about 250 miles north of Woodridge B&B.  Take in lots of history by putting Poverty Point in your plans pre or post your stay.