Wednesday, May 14, 2014

World's Weirdest Requests and Complaints at Hotel

From toilets filled with mineral water to baths of chocolate milk – we lift the lid on 10 of the oddest requests made by hotel guests ever. Plus, we reveal 10 of the strangest hotel complaints.

A DEAD MOUSE, goat bells and 16 pillows for a single guest are just a few of the bizarre requests that hotel staff from around the world have received from guests, according to our latest survey.
The majority of unusual requests relate to food, with staff reporting they have been asked to provide 15 cucumbers a day, only the right legs of a chicken and a single glass of water to be delivered to their room on the hour, throughout the night. The sound of goat bells to aid sleep also made the list of most unusual requests.
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Innkeepers can relate
We typically do not share personal information such as this, and we don't want people to think we are complaining, but a fact is a fact! I had a guest who was a movie producer who required ten towels, not nine, not eleven, it had to be ten.

Stranger things have happened...